Thank you for answering our survey!

548 of you helped us out by answering our Talos survey – so we thought we share some of the results with you. We asked about your views on Europe and its current information space, as well as about how you engage with the news. We obtained answers from the 31 European countries. The results were very encouraging and reinforced our feeling that our project needs to be established: 82 % of you would like to exchange news opinions and ideas with other Europeans more easily and often. That is the precise short- and long-term goal of Talos: to create an online sphere were Europeans can connect and exchange with each other. Similarly, 81 % would like to be able to easily access diverse news from different countries and media outlets. We feel like this is still an issue in Europe’s online community: it feels restrictive not to be able to read news from all over the continent. The long-term goal of Talos is to make different information accessible to everyone. Thank you all for taking part in this survey, the first step in our journey towards a more connected Europe!