Talos takes part in the YouthCan Innovation Lab 2018 in Brussels.

Talos takes part in the YouthCan Innovation Lab 2018 in Brussels

Between 5th and 6th July 2018 Max, our Head of Business Development, took part in the YouthCAN Innovation Lab in Brussels, organised by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Together with participants from all across Europe and from various organisations, such as Rewind, Turn to love, Foyer and the Pan-European Union, he worked on Social Media Campaigns that seek to counter online hate speech. The workshops included sessions about target group segmentation, the identification of the right messages and distribution channels, risk assessment and success evaluation. Many experts from the field shared their experience with countering hate speech after terror attacks or in areas such as Molenbeek near Brussles, where ISIS recruitment was especially effective.

The outcome were four campaigns, each targeting a different group of people and a specific type of hate speech, that are planned to be launched within the next year. Max was working on a campaign called #truthaware, which seeks to teach youngsters about the manipulative tactics employed in hate speech, such as sounds, colours and tones that play on emotions and deceive the viewers and readers. Stay tuned on Talos for the latest news on #truthaware!

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue also runs the Youth Civil Activism Network, a network for young people around the world who try to fight hate speech. They organize regular events and provide support to youngsters who run social media campaigns in their communities.

To find out more about the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and its YouthCan Network, please click here.

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