Talos launches its MVP: Topic of the Week

We are proud to announce that we launched our MVP: Topic of the Week on January 10th, 2018! Topic of the Week is a series of articles on a specific matter related to the European Union, which users can then discuss and debate among themselves. It raises awareness about certain problems or points out the success of some European enterprises, as well as proposing solutions, by the community, for the community. We believe that insightfully talking about this is an essential part of becoming a more united continent. The launch is a big step forward for us, as it started to get Talos a community, as well as a weekly goal to deliver new articles for you to read and discuss. We launched with “Defence and security: towards an EU army?” and “EU enlargement: the Western Balkans”. These have been very current topics in the past few months, and through our website, we want to help people to better understand and get more involved.

You can read, comment and debate here: Topic of the Week

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