Talos on TV: we gave an interview on Talos for MTV, the Hungarian public broadcaster.

On the 20th of September, 2017, MTV (Magyar Televízió – the Hungarian public television broadcaster) conducted an interview with Dénes András Nagy, the CEO and co-founder of Talos.

In the interview, for the weekly prime-time TV show “Profit 7”, Dénes talks about our highly successful participation in the Startup Campus pitch competition organised at Imperial College London. Having won an opportunity to pitch before investors, we received two investment offers.

“We arrived [to the competition] with an idea: we would like to build Europe’s online public community space. […] We are driven by a noble cause: we want to create a tool for the citizens of our European Union’s Member States through which they may access high quality, reliable news sources. In the 21st century, the process of reliable news-gathering is made difficult by the proliferation of easily spreadable disinformation and misinformation through social media. We want to take the fight up against this phenomenon and defend Europe’s information space.”  – Dénes András Nagy

The interview (in Hungarian) may be accessed through the following link (from 6.35 onwards): http://www.mediaklikk.hu/video/profit7-2017-09-20-i-adas-6/

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