Talos team members take part in the 1989 Generation Initiative’s 2018 policy cycle

Between the 15th and 16th of February, two members of the Talos team, Dénes and Sebastian were selected to take part in the kick-off forum for the 2018 policy cycle of the 1989 Generation Initiative. Organized under the title of “Reconnecting the EU and its Citizens”, the participants, a diverse group of students and young professionals discussed ways of reforming our European Union so as to bring it closer to our citizenry. Over the course of two days, experts from the private sector, think-tanks, and academia accompanied the debates, adding a valuable dash of experience to visions and ideas. In addition to meeting kindred spirits and experts, Denés and Sebastian had the privilege to attend and engage with leading public intellectuals such Philippe Legrain (LSE), Joaquín Almunia (the former Vice-President of the European Commission ) and Markku Markkula (the First Vice-President and former President of the European Committee of the Regions). The conference was just the start of a months-long process, throughout which the working groups will continue working and fine-tuning their ideas. The final product will be a ‘Youth white paper on the future of the European Union’ which will be presented to the representatives of our institutions. Dénes and Sebastian are proud to members of the “Politics and Institutions” working group, which will seek to offer concrete, actionable, practical reforms to the institutions of our European Union, which will enable EU citizens to “reconnect” and drive real change in Europe.

Find out more about the 1989 Generation Initiative here: http://1989generationinitiative.org

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