Talos becomes European Parliament “Partner for the 2019 European Elections”.

Talos becomes European Parliament “Partner for the 2019 European Elections”.

Talos is honoured to announce that we have become the European Parliament’s “Partner for the 2019 European Elections”! This invitation was issued because currently, out of all the civil society organization within our European Union, Talos recruited the largest number of EU Member State citizens to sign up for the European Parliament’s “This Time I’m Voting Campaign”!

Essentially, the aim of this non-partisan, institutional campaign is to increase voter turnout for our next European Parliamentary elections, to be held between the 23rd to the 26th of May, 2019. Launched at the 2018 European Youth Event (EYE2018), the campaign encourages EU Member State citizens to pledge to vote in the run-up to the elections. Having attended EYE2018, Talos decided to endorse the campaign, and won a campaign competition through our contributions, for which we have now been officially recognised.

We, as Talos, wholeheartedly subscribe to the aim of the campaign, as we are a civil society organisation with a mission: “to foster European civicism through encouraging political participation”. Our online platform was created specifically as a positive reaction to what we see as an ongoing problem of civic disengagement and political disenchantment across our European Union. As such, we wholeheartedly welcome our European Parliament’s “This time I’m voting” campaign. We believe that it is our duty to support this cause that will hopefully motivate more EU citizens to exercise their right to vote. Thus, we are proud to announce this official partnership between our European Parliament and Talos – we will do all we can on our part to encourage our fellow EU Member State citizens to pledge that this time, they will vote.

To find out more about the “This time I’m voting” campaign, click here.

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