Our Campus Representatives

Meet our campus representatives

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Belgium - College of Europe

Aron is Hungarian-American, currently pursuing his MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He received his BA in International Studies at Leiden University. He has worked at think tanks such as the Antall József Knowledge Center and at the Corvinus University of Budapest where he was Erasmus+ Coordinator and Chief of Staff at the Rector’s Strategic Office. After his studies, he plans to work at international organizations in diplomacy and conflict resolution. Aron is passionate about international affairs, culture, the European Union and Europe in a greater context. Aron is fluent in English, Hungarian and speaks advanced French.

Germany - University of Koblenz-Landau

Nassim is 20 and was born in Offenburg, Germany. he studied at the Européenne de Strasbourg in France and is now reading B.A. Political Science and Human Resources Management at the University of Koblenz-Landau. He speaks Persian, Arabic, German, English, and French and participated in numerous programs such as Euroscola, MEC, and ESSS. Nassim has a great interest in European politics, legislation, diplomacy, and cares deeply about the future of Europe! Besides, he is a passionate debated, chess player, photographer as well as petrolhead and classic car enthusiast! He also loves to travel around Europe and the world, learn about new cultures, meet new people and try new culinary specialities!

Hungary - Corvinus University

I’m Levente Sárai-Szabó. I currently live and study in Budapest. I read International Relations at Corvinus University Budapest. Besides English, I speak Italian and learn Russian. I am fully engaged in civic activism, as I am a member of the Hungarian Red Cross Youth, where I am an active chairman and trainer for Life Skills as well.

Netherlands - University of Amsterdam

Marc is from Germany and studies Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam. In the past, he was involved with the European Youth Parliament and finished a 2-year academic program on entrepreneurship. He is engaged in climate and sustainability issues, previously working for the NGO Germanwatch on international climate policy. In participating in the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh and the corresponding Conference of the Youth, he experienced the power of young people coming together and affecting change. As a campus representative, he wants to bring more people to Talos and is excited about building Europe’s public online sphere from the bottom-up. In his spare time, he plays the piano and is active in the university’s music and philosophy club.

United Kingdom - University College London

Rohan is a first year European Social and Political Studies student at UCL. From England and Ireland, he is a proud British islander and has spent most of his life in the UK. He has always been, too, a proud European and has committed himself to the European project, having taken part in the continued struggle to keep the UK within the European Union. As a speaker of English, Spanish and German he is multilingual and a helpful communicator in the spreading of Talos across multinational UCL and London.

Martin is Austrian, grew up in Vienna, and currently a second-year law student at UCL. At the International School he quickly became European and politically-minded. He graduated from the European School of Strasbourg. During his time in the European capital, his regular visits to EP plenary sessions and involvement in simulations of European institutions cemented his commitment to the European cause. It is uncertain what exactly the future holds for Martin, but he wishes to capitalise on his law degree in work in a European or international context. Martin enjoys ballroom dancing and is a self-professed cat person.

United Kingdom - King's College London

My name is Gaël, I am French and study BA European Studies at KCL, with modules in International Economics and Political Philosophy. I speak French, English and Spanish, and I also try to learn German and Italian on my own. After my baccalaureate in the Economics stream, I did a year of Higher School Preparatory Class before joining KCL in September. I am passionate about journalism (I worked 2 months in the most prestigious journalism school in France, the ESJ). I love sports and “E Sports”, I played rugby for 11 years, tracks, and now Handball at King’s College. I also enjoy arts and dedicate every Thursdays to museums and exhibitions (recently LazInc Gallery, Tate Britain, Modigliani’s exhibition at Tate Modern, Science Museum…).
Finally, I am a convinced European, passionate about politics, and each year in June, I travel around Europe ((Latvia, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Poland…) doing stop or taking the bus to admire the beauty of the countries composing our union.