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Talos is a European startup, launched as an initiative in 2017 by European students from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania and Poland studying at University College London. Our mission is to foster European civicism by encouraging political participation and engagement among citizens to help steer Europe towards a brighter, common future.

We are building Europe’s online public sphere: an online platform, where every European has the opportunity to freely discuss, discover, debate and drive real change.

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Access high-quality news from diverse and reliable European media outlets supplemented with background information and infographics through our Social News Aggregator.

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A forum where you can express your opinions, take part in polls, Q&As and participate in constructive, solution oriented debates on European topics.

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Find like-minded people for your projects, start petitions, launch citizens’ initiatives and meet at events relevant to your interests.

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Why Talos?

We believe that if Europeans are given the tools to better inform themselves, engage and interconnect with each other, then together we can drive real change.

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